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Where to Buy Real Crystals Online - The Ultimate Crystal Shopping Guide

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

When I first became interested in crystals, I was stumped on where I would be able to find high quality stones that were not crazy expensive. As my crystal shopping addiction has grown, I can confidently say that I have found some great sources for purchasing these magical rocks. Here is my guide to shopping for crystals online.

Live Sales

Ah, my favorite way to procrastinate. I went through a phase where I was on crystal live sales every single day; I had them playing in the background while I did work, worked out, or walked my dog. It is safe to say I was addicted.

Crystal live sales are hosted on Instagram and Facebook where crystal sellers will show crystals one by one and the audience has the chance to "claim" the crystal, usually by commenting the price and some letters (ex: 25AA). These lives are super fun and I actually learned a lot about crystals while listening. Because these lives have such a diverse array of crystals, I can pretty much identify any crystal by appearance after watching a lot of them. It is a great way to figure out what crystals you are attracted to and drawn to.

Here are some of my favorite live sale hosts on Instagram:







They usually do 1-2 live sales a week, so I would give them a follow to see what times work for you. Some sellers do themed live sales, where they will based what type of crystals they are selling on an idea or vibe, such as Under the Sea.

Many live sellers offer the option of an "open box," which means that you can continue to add crystals to your order over a few weeks of lives. This will help you save on shipping because many sellers ship their packages using flat rate boxes (the shipping price will be the same rate whether there is one thing in the box or ten!)

Flash Sale Instagram Pages

These pages are similar to the live sales because the seller will post one crystal or a gallery of crystals, and the audience will claim the crystal under the post. This way of shopping is less time intensive because you can scroll through the feed and simply claim what you want, whereas on the live sale, you have to sit through viewing all of the crystals. A lot of crystal stores that do live sales also have a separate flash sales page where they will sell leftover crystals from the lives or other stock. The prices on these pages are often cheaper than live sale prices, especially if sellers are trying to get rid of old stock.

Here are my favorite flash sale pages:





Etsy has tons of crystal sellers, and it is really useful because you can read reviews to verify the crystals authenticity. The search tool combined with thousands of sellers makes it really easy to find what you are looking for. I don't shop for crystals on Etsy too frequently, so I don't have any specific recommendations. However, you should be able to find good quality crystals by doing some research in the reviews section!

The only issue with buying from Etsy is that shipping can add up, especially if you are buying from different stores. I would suggest browsing around until you find one store that has everything you are looking for, then placing a larger order there rather than many small orders from various stores. Furthermore, many Etsy stores offer free shipping if your order values at more than $35.


There a tons of crystal selling websites, but not all of them are reliable or trustworthy. A lot of these stores generate traffic from social media, so checking out their platform can be a useful tool to see how the audience feels about the brand. If the crystals are priced super cheaply (under around $2 for a tumble), then there is a good chance that you will receive a low quality or fake crystal.

Here are some websites that are worth checking out: @liveinthelight on Insta @earthlysecrets on Insta



The crystal world is very fun to be a part of (despite it eating away my money). I hope this list of resources helped you find a seller that works for you to fuel your crystal shopping. Please let me know your thoughts if you order from any of these sellers - I would love to hear about what you purchased/loved/disliked.

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