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How to Organize Your Jewelry Supplies

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Imagine this. You somehow have ended up in the Michaels bead aisle, even though your braining is screaming "You have enough beads! Go get that thread you came here for!" But there are so many pretty beads, you counter with. And that side–the entirely irrational side–wins the argument. You begin filing your plastic red cart with new beads. They are on sale, you tell yourself, despite the fact that Michaels beads are on sale every other week.

You wheel your cart overflowing with beads to the checkout. The cashier gives you a quizzical look, wondering who could possibly need so many beads. You ignore her, very content with your purchase.

With your beads safely piled into shopping bags, you make your way home. Time to unpack your treasures! Only, there is no where to unpack them. Your eyes stare sorrowfully at your lone bead organizer, knowing that there is no chance your new array of beads will fit.

This is when you google, "How to Organize Your Jewelry Supplies" and this helpful article will pop up, sharing exactly how I organize my own overflowing supply of beads.

Bead Organizers

There are thousands of these on the market, but they are not all made equally. Here are my favorites and why they work well.

If you don't want your beads mixing:

Many bead organizers do not have partitions that are flush to the base or surface, so if the case tilts to the side, your beads with get mixed. All of the compartments in this organizer are separately sealed to prevent this from happening.

Because the compartments are removable, this organizer is great if you use a few colors of beads at a time; it will keep your workspace less cluttered if you only need to take out one compartment at a time!

If you like to keep everything in one place:

This organizer is super handy if you do not have a lot of room for bead storage– it is very compact while also providing a lot of storage space. The top section is perfect for storing bigger items, such as tools and wire. It also comes with plastic dividers so you can choose how large you want your compartments to be within the bead cases.

If you have lots of smaller sized beads:

This is another take on the first option, but the compartments appear to be smaller and more plentiful. If you work with seed beads frequently, this would be a really great option to keep them organized and separated. It also allows you to pour out the beads you want to use instead of scooping or hand picking them. Bonus: it comes with labels for each compartment!

If you prefer bigger beads:

This organizer comes with adjustable and deep compartments, perfect for storing larger sized beads. Because the dividers are maneuverable, they are not completely flush to the base of the organizer, so smaller beads could slip under into other compartments. However, with larger beads, this should not be a problem. The organizers stack neatly on top of each other for easy transport.


Between these four options, you should be able to find a bead organizer that works for you and your beads! As your bead collection grows, you may need to adapt your storage method, so feel free to refer back to this article when you need a new tactic to keep your beads in check. Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer: The links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission if you purchase these products at no extra cost to you. All opinions are my own and I truly believe in all of these products!

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