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How to Make Business Cards at Home for Small Businesses

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

My step by step process for how I make my own business cards at home! It is easier and cheaper than you would think :) This is the perfect solution if you want your business cards ready in a short period of time; if you want complete control over your printing/design process; or if you want to save some money!

Step 1: Buy the business cards

First, you will need to buy the business cards that you will print your designs on. Avery sells multiple different options on Amazon - you can choose from various options such as single or double sided, matte or glossy, amount of cards, and size. I will link the type that I use for my business here, but feel free to choose the option that best suits your needs!

While Amazon speedily delivers your cards, move onto step 2!

Step 2: Create your design

I like to use Canva for all of my designing purposes because it is super easy to maneuver and you can do so much with it for free! They have thousands of business card templates that you can use for inspiration and adjust them accordingly. I usually pick a template that I like the look of, then I will put my logo on it and apply my brand colors and fonts. That's it! Once you are happy with your design, save it as a jpg or png to your computer.

If you don't have a canva account yet, sign up here. It's free and you definitely don't want to miss out on all of those potential design opportunities! Using this link will provide you with some Premium benefits without having to sign up for a Premium account.

If you need help with creating brand colors, check out my gig on Fiverr where I will help you develop the perfect color palette for your brand - starting at just $5! I also design logos and moodboards to help create the perfect aesthetic and vibe for your business. Check it out!

Step 3: Upload your design to the Avery platform

Every Avery product has a different template number - this number can be found on the front of your package. Once you locate the number, go to, then search up the number. Locate the correct template, then push Start Designing. The site will prompt you to create an account with them, which will allow you to access your finalized templates later on if you ever want to print more cards. Next, you will upload your Canva file to the template by clicking the image button on the left of the screen. Select your pdf. Make sure everything is aligned, then you are ready to print!

Step 4: Print your business cards

Depending on the template you purchased, you will need a specific type of printer. Some Avery templates are made for ink printers, and some are made for laser (some templates work for both!). You will first want to do a test print on plain paper to make sure your design has the right colors and isn't cut off. If you are satisfied, then change your printer settings to label. You are now ready to print!


I hope this guide helped you figure out how to print your own business cards at home! I use this method for many of my other packaging products, such as labels and thank you cards. It is super easy, cheap, and convenient!

*Disclaimer: some links in this post are affiliate links, but all opinions are my own!

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