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Amethyst Has Transformed My Sleep

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Going to sleep around 9pm became a habit for me. Not because I desired sleeping over nine hours every night (though that would have been nice), but because it simply took me two full hours to fall asleep.

I had tried everything - CBD oil, lavender pillow spray, melatonin, reading before bed, breathing exercises, and meditation. Sure, they helped a little - maybe I would fall asleep in one hour instead of two. None of these aids changed the fact that I had to go to bed hours before everyone else in my life to simply sleep enough to function properly the next day. It was infuriating.

I decided it was time to accept that I had sleeping problems. From ages 12 to 17, I spent hours upon hours laying awake in bed.

A couple of months ago, videos about the properties of crystals made their way onto my Tik Tok For You Page. I inadvertently began to learn about attracting love with rose quartz, healing the soul with clear quartz, and acquiring abundance with citrine. I became so enthralled that I made an entire jewelry businesses centered around crystals and their magical properties.

Let’s back up a little.

I had heard on Tik Tok that when you go shopping for crystals, either online or in a store, the crystal you need most calls out to you. It could be the way it looks, catches the light, or it may emit an attraction that cannot be verbalized.

On one of my first crystal live sales, I was especially drawn to a little amethyst heart, about the size of my palm. It was darker than most amethysts I had seen with unique white banding across it. Before I could even process my thoughts, my fingers were already typing in the crystal’s claim number in the live's chat box. The crystal was now mine.

In between claiming the crystal and it arriving at my house, I did not think much about it. Once my package arrived, I excitedly unboxed the newest addition to my crystal collection. It fit in my palm perfectly, allowing my middle finger to comfortably rest in between the two round humps. I quickly looked up the properties of amethyst, ready to explore how I was going to implement the stone into my life.

My google search explained that amethyst was the stone of tranquility and intuition, promoting a clear mind and deeper sleep.

The solution to my sleepless nights had fallen into my lap.

That night, I decided to do a sleep meditation while holding my amethyst heart in my left hand (the left hand absorbs the properties, the right hand projects). As I began to relax, I felt a unique buzzing sensation in my hand. It was gentle, but tangible. The stone felt like it was vibrating energy right into my hand.

I started to tune into the vibration and let my mind focus on it. My entire body became heavy and relaxed, my mind clear and calm. By the end of my five minute meditation, I had fallen fast asleep.

The next morning, I woke up with my amethyst sat beside me, ensuring that I slept peacefully through the night.

From that night on, I have slept with an amethyst tumble under my pillow and have experienced very few sleepless nights.

One could totally write this off as placebo effect, but that would not change the fact that my little amethyst heart changed my sleep for good. So, if you struggle with sleep, do yourself a favor and claim your own amethyst. The right one will find you.

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